Interviewing the Doctors

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Receiving an email from the Editor of Young Post, SCMP (HK) on Tuesday 8 October prompted a last-minute trip to London. I couldn’t believe it; she asked if I could possibly conduct an interview with Tom Baker and Peter Davison, the two actors who played the Doctor in the longest running sci-fi TV series in history – Doctor Who.

This year, we will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the show. The everlasting appeal which Doctor Who seems to have generated over the years really is an amazing achievement. I guess that’s exactly why I was sent to London to interview the Doctors and to write about it!

It really was a pleasant surprise. I got off the Eurostar at St. Pancreas on Thursday (10 October) evening and I honestly can’t tell you how strange it felt. First of all, everyone spoke English around me. As I made my way…

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