Girls on Tour (Part II)

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Adventures in the Land of Fire and Ice

My third weekend in Iceland was spent mostly in a luckily fairly spacious Ford Galaxy, with six other girls and a lot of luggage. We decided to do another road trip, this time across the South of Iceland, to visit Jökulsárlón (a spectacular glacial lagoon in the South East).

We were picked up bright and early on Saturday morning by the car rental company, and bundled into a large minibus, which we had at first assumed was actually the car we had ordered. To the relief of our two drivers we were then driven to our slightly more road friendly Ford, where after some initial fun working out exactly how to use an automatic, and then a few accidental laps of the industrial estate we had been driven to, we were finally on our way.

We lasted about half an hour before our first coffee break, and then began our…

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