Final days of summer…

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Have you ever encountered this unique blend of emotions induced by the approach of a new school year…Suddenly, it hits you that it is the end of August and soon you’ll be heading back to school! You start reminiscing those magical summer days that have already passed and you wish the summer will last forever. Meanwhile, you are excited about the prospects of starting afresh.

You begin setting ambitious targets, planning new activities that you wish to take up and drawing up a timetable which incorporates a ‘balance’ of academic and extracurricular commitments. However, deep-down you know you won’t stick to the plan.

Without fail, this dilemma comes back to me every single year. Except this year, I have the challenge of putting together a schedule which will help me make the most of my Erasmus exchange in Paris.

As I go through the list of over 50 sports, 30…

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