En route to Paris…

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Here I am on the Eurostar, giving you an account of my hopes and fears for the year ahead in Paris… YES, A YEAR IN PARIS! I will be studying Economics and Politics at Sciences Po (Institut d’études politiques de Paris). Usually upon disclosing this piece of information to the person I speak with, I would get a big ‘wow’ followed by some envious remarks regarding my situation. Is it really going to be as glamourous as it sounds?

As I type away at my computer, I try recalling why I applied for the Erasmus scheme in the first place. Perhaps it was the thrill of going somewhere different?  To be fair, I have already been ‘studying abroad’ from home for the past 10 years. Still, how can I resist the opportunity of living elsewhere whilst I am still young, healthy and energetic? I guess it wouldn’t hurt…

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