Less than four weeks to go!

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Adventures in the Land of Fire and Ice

With just under four weeks to go until I fly out to Iceland, the whole experience is still feeling very surreal! I’ve been taking eBay by storm these past few weeks, selling everything from clothes and jewellery to a 12-man tent. My aim was to save money to spend on the incredible sights that Iceland has to offer, and to allow for the extra cost of alcohol (no Quaddies for four months!). Unfortunately I then made the mistake of heading to Cheshire Oaks outlet village on my most recent day off. As a result I am once again financially constrained, but on the bright side I feel far more prepared for Iceland, having invested in a coat, some jumpers, thermals, boots, and a suitcase to take as cabin baggage to maximise my packing space. How I am going to fit my entire life into a mere 33kg I have NO idea…

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